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5 Features To Look For In Your Next Washing Machine

If you are in the market for a new washing machine, it is essential to know what features to look for in your new machine. Like all appliances, washing machines have become more technical and have more features than ever before. It is essential to know what features are worth the money.

1. Sensor Wash

A sensor wash function on your washing machine is essential. With a sensor wash function, your washing machine will sense the size of the load that you are putting into the washing machine and use that information to determine how much water and what type of spin cycles are necessary to clean the load.

You no longer have to sit there staring at your clothing, trying to figure out if you have a medium or large size load. Instead, your machine will use the setting information you selected, then sense the size of the load, add the right amount of water, and also use the right spin cycle based on the size and settings you selected.

2. Load Balancing

You shouldn't have to run to your washing machine to rebalance the clothing because somehow, all of the wet clothing ended up on the same side of the machine, despite you loading everything in evenly. With a load balancing machine, the machine will naturally balance the distribution of the clothing, so you don't ever have to fix an off-kilter load again.

3. Self-Cleaning

It is essential to clean your washing machine to prevent the presence of mold and mildew in your machine. With a self-cleaning machine, you don't have to clean your machine manually. Instead, you can just press a button and a special cycle will run that will clean your washing machine, keeping it odor and mildew-free. Some machines will even remind you when you should run the self-cleaning feature.

4. Energy Efficient

Next, it is essential to be aware of the ways that your home consumes energy. You are going to want to purchase a unit that is designed to be energy efficient. An energy-efficient washing machine will limit the water used to clean your clothing and the energy required to run the machine.

5. Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you like having a smart home, look for a unit with Wi-Fi connectivity. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can put clothing and soap in your washing machine in the morning, for example, and then choose to start the load an hour before you get home so that the clothing is clean and you don't have a wet batch of laundry sitting in the washing machine all day.

When shopping for a washing machine, focus on features that will make the device easier to use, such as sensor wash, load balancing, and self-cleaning features. Look for a machine that is energy efficient and has wi-fi connectivity.