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Make These Choices When You Replace Your Supermarket Case Thermometer

Virtually all refrigerated supermarket cases are equipped with a thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature inside the unit. Being able to track the temperature is important because a change in temperature can often indicate an issue with the unit. For example, if you notice that the temperature is rising, this may suggest that the refrigerated case has a problem with the condenser or another part that keeps the temperature cool. If you've learned that the thermometer in one of your units has died, you'll want to replace it promptly. Supermarket case parts stores carry all sorts of replacement thermometers, so you can make these choices as you shop.

Digital Vs. Analog

When you shop, you'll see both digital and analog thermometers for refrigerated cases. Each type has its own advantages. Some people prefer analog displays because they offer a traditional look that can seem familiar. There are lots of individuals, however, who find that it's easier to read the numbers on a digital display. This can be important when you want your staff to monitor the thermometer to ensure its number is within the accepted range. Some analog thermometers also have a built-in light, making them easy to read in low-light conditions.


You can also expect to see supermarket thermometers in several different sizes. Your first instinct might be to buy one that is comparable in size to the thermometer you're replacing, but you don't necessarily have to do so. If you've routinely found that the unit's current thermometer was too small to read from a distance, this can be a good time to choose a model that is slightly larger. Provided that you can install a larger thermometer in place of the old one, this can be a worthwhile upgrade.


Some refrigerated supermarket cases have their thermometers mounted internally, while others have their thermometers mounted externally. Some people may find that an external position is handier, as the screen will be easier to see. In the case of an interior thermometer, the person who wishes to check the temperature will need to get very close to the unit. In many cases, you can change the position of your thermometer if you wish. For example, if your case currently has an interior thermometer but you want to change to an exterior display, you can simply buy the latter and run a short length of wire from the old thermometer's location to its new position.