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4 Ways You Know A Competent Technician Should Repair Your Microwave

A microwave is among the most vital appliances in your home. It helps you cook frozen foods or thaw them, make popcorn, or even boil water. Actually, it makes your work easier, mainly when you are tired, in a hurry, or sick. Nevertheless, microwaves aren't designed to last forever. They can be in good shape for several years if well-maintained. Unfortunately, a microwave may develop problems when you don't expect it. If yours shows signs of failure, you should contact a licensed technician to fix or repair it.

Here's how you know your microwave is sick and needs professional repair.

It's Unusually Loud

Most microwaves make some noise when heating food or making popcorn. Yours may also make a soft roar or even a loud hum, but this isn't alarming. However, you should be worried if it's the loudest appliance in the room. A microwave can be unusually loud when one of its parts, like the drive motor, is faulty. Hire a seasoned technician to assess it and identify why the microwave is oddly loud. They will repair the damaged part or recommend replacement if it's extensively damaged.

It Doesn't Turn On

Always seek professional help when your microwave doesn't respond when turned on. This problem occurs when the buttons can't send a signal. A faulty control circuit could also be a likely culprit. The appliance may also fail to respond if the door switch is broken. And since you can't know exactly why it doesn't respond, hire a competent technician to handle the situation.

Turntable Stops Spinning

The turntable is among the critical parts of a microwave. However, it may stop spinning for various reasons. Usually, the turntable stops spinning when certain parts, like the roller guide, drive coupler, or drive motor, are defective. The turntable won't spin smoothly when the roller guide is defective. Your microwave's torque and speed are also compromised when the drive motor is faulty. So the appliance won't spin properly when any of these parts are damaged. If yours has stopped spinning, seek help from an experienced repair technician because they know what to fix.

It Runs But Won't Heat

Your microwave is designed to produce heat when running or spinning food. Unfortunately, it may sometimes spin without heat. Spinning without heat shows the magnetron has developed a problem that requires professional intervention. The magnetron typically heats food or snacks from the inside out. If you don't fix it immediately when faulty, you may have to replace your microwave, which could be a bit too expensive. 

Reach out to an appliance repair service in your area for more information.